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Remote electrical metering

Changes to electricity metering came into effect throughout the National Electricity Market on 1 December 2017. This includes Queensland but excludes the off-grid areas in regional.

The remote monitoring and control model allows the exchange of information across organizational boundaries, via easily accessible channels like the Web, and consolidates resources across company locations. This eliminates the need to staff multiple sites or pay for travel between them. USGBC homepage | U.S. Green Building Council.

We charge a daily standing charge of 26.5p per day per sub-meter plus VAT (normally 5% for residential and small businesses), and add a margin of 2p per kWh. These are charged to your tenant, so the service is essentially cost-free to landlords except during void periods. There are small additional charges which we need to pass on to cover the.

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Comarch Smart Metering. The Comarch solution enables remote reading of water, gas, heat and electricity meters, as well as early detection of anomalies such as leaks, violations, and security alerts. It allows a reduction in network operational costs and automation of service and network maintenance. Comarch Smart Metering can be retrofitted to.

Compatible models: KEW3021A, KEW3022A, KEW3023A, KEW3021, KEW3022, KEW3023, MODEL3211, MODEL3212, MODEL3213, MODEL3214, MODEL3215, MODEL3315, MODEL3316, MODEL3321A, MODEL3322A, MODEL3323A, MODEL6017 br /> Red and black probe set with remote switch for insulation resistance tester. - Import duties, taxes and charges are not.

We have worked with Powerside (formerly Power Survey) on multiple projects across North America. Their power quality product, knowledge, and customer service have made them the obvious choice for our shore power systems..

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